Fundraising Priority: the JdP

Jacqueline du Pré Music Building (JdP) is a beautiful, 现代, 以及专为室内乐表演而建的温馨音乐场地,以纪念杰出的大提琴家杰奎琳·杜Pré,她曾是学院的荣誉院士. JdP音乐大楼位于切韦尔河畔的澳门皇冠app官网的美丽场地内. 的 College is committed to sustaining 和 developing it as a centre for the learning, 教学, 性能, 和 experience of music at all levels, 所有年龄段的, 和 for people from all backgrounds. Unusual in Oxford, the JdP offers disabled access.

With its world-class music facilities, JdP不仅在学院和大学内为有天赋的音乐学生和那些欣赏音乐和其他表演艺术的人提供了好处和吸引力, but it hosts a range of activities including: professional concert series, regular lunchtime recitals by students 和 a wide range of other university events, theatrical productions, art exhibitions 和 conferences. 的 JdP hosts research forums such as DANSOX, a leading forum for dance scholarship in Europe, prompting dialogue between prominent academic disciplines 和 the words of dance 理论和实践.

的 JdP also provides a valuable link between the College 和 the surrounding communities.  In addition to access to the varied 性能s (many of which are open to the public), the community series includes the popular Cushion Concerts for the young family. Through its Livestream facilities, the JdP can now share 性能s 和 lectures globally.

More details of the JdP’s varied programme 和 distinguished performers 和 speakers are available on the JdP网站.

Founded on philanthropy

在众多机构的支持下,澳门皇冠app官网和音乐家慈善基金联合募捐活动筹集了超过100万英镑, 信托基金, 和 very many private individuals. 1995年9月,在美第奇四重奏和英国室内乐团举办的一场音乐会中,犹太民主党成立, in the presence of HRH the Duchess of Kent. 著名大提琴演奏家, 史蒂文Isserlis, became the JdP patron in 1998 和 regularly performs to a packed Edward Boyle Auditorium.

Since the founding of the JdP, 学院与关心音乐和音乐教育的校友和支持者密切合作,以发展和改善校舍, install high specification recording facilities, maintain the Steinway concert pianos, 和 gain funding for innovative programmes in composition 和 性能. 


Securing the future of the JdP

As with so many concert venues, 冠状病毒大流行和随后从2020年3月底开始的封锁迫使学院关闭了JdP,直到对公众集会的限制放松. While we plan for the coming academic year 和 work with our JdP performers on the programme for 2020-2021, 在这艰难的时刻,澳门皇冠app官网很感激能有精彩的在线音乐会和讲座与澳门皇冠app官网的支持者分享.

很明显,今年澳门皇冠app官网维持现场演出的能力将受到限制,而且由于社交距离政策,门票销售将受到严重限制. This has adverse impact on our income from the concert series. 澳门皇冠app官网现在正在努力提高澳门皇冠app官网的直播能力,以确保澳门皇冠app官网能够继续完成澳门皇冠app官网的使命——为了澳门皇冠app官网的学生, for the local community 和 our international performers.

现在比以往任何时候都更重要的是要培养表演艺术,扩大JdP在音乐和国际舞蹈学术团体中发挥的核心作用,并将这些好处扩大到全球观众. 澳门皇冠app官网在问 JdP音乐圈DANSOX成员 to continue their support to us during this challenging time.


Our most urgent priorities:


DANSOX: Dance Scholarship Oxford, directed by Professor Susan Jones, has hosted major interdisciplinary events at the Jacqueline du Pré Building, attracting high profile dance artists, 舞蹈指导, 和 experts in other disciplines to show the collaborative nature of 性能 dance, 理论和实践. 灵感来自于皇冠app官方版(St Hilda) 1913年举办的“春之祭”百年庆典(2013年)。, DANSOX将继续与皇冠app官方版的音乐学院在主要编舞讲习班上举办跨学科项目,并将欢迎资金支持编舞和作曲家系列活动和研讨会,以进一步推动大学的年轻作曲家和舞蹈制作人的工作.

25英镑的礼物,000 would support DANSOX to deliver a three-year programme, including 性能s, events 和 masterclasses with leading 舞蹈指导 和 composers, 以及向来澳门皇冠app官网进行舞蹈相关学科皇冠app官方版的年轻皇冠app官方版生或访问学者提供奖学金(例如, to work on the archive of material from Sir Kenneth MacMillan).


You can find out more about the DANSOX programme on this 宣传册 做一个礼物 在这里


Sponsorship for our acclaimed international concert series

To enable the JdP to attract 和 retain leading international performers, we offer donors the chance to sponsor a named concert by one of our distinguished visiting performers, who include the JdP Artistic Patron, 史蒂文Isserlis the acclaimed cellist.  这些音乐会对于让澳门皇冠app官网的学生和更广泛的社区有机会聆听这种水平的表演者是很重要的, as well as to maintain the JdP’s profile within the increasingly competitive environment in Oxford.

个人演唱会 may be sponsored for an annual gift of £4,000 和 these may be named for the donor.

A contribution of £25,000美元将用于在五年期间支持一系列音乐会和大师班(以捐赠者的名字命名),并允许JdP的艺术总监为JdP争取到主要的国际表演者或团体, while keeping ticket prices within the reach of a wide local audience. Students gain important experience from exposure to 性能s by accomplished artists 和 master classes.

An endowed fund of £115,000 would support an annual concert (named in honour of the donor) 和 masterclass at this level.

Sponsorship for our Family Cushion Concerts (Family 和 Education). A gift of £1000 - £2000 would help to support our Cushion Concert Series for a season.


Renewing 和 upgrading our professional facilities 和 livestream capability


A comprehensive upgrade of our lighting 和 recording desks, 为了提高礼堂的质量和平稳运行,澳门皇冠app官网将加强现场演出的录制和在线分享. 这些设施也广泛被年轻音乐家用来录制他们的作品和音乐会,以帮助他们的表演生涯和海选. Costs of upgrading the equipment:

  • 一张音响桌4000英镑
  • a lighting desk £4,000

Gifts between £500 – £1,500 would support the livestreaming of selected events or concerts.

Gifts between £1500-£5000 would help to improve equipment 和 support the livestream capabilities for a year.

的 sponsor’s name will be included on the livestream page for the event.



Graduate 和 undergraduate scholarships in music / composition

Professor Martyn Harry, the John Bennett Lecturer in Music at St Hilda's College, is a contemporary classical composer specialising in instrumental music, opera 和 music theatre. Professor Harry was Executive Producer, 新音乐, at Sony Classical in the mid- nineties before coming to prominence as a composer. Under his artistic direction, JdP已经成为一个受欢迎的有才华的学生——皇冠app官方版生和本科生——创作和作曲的场所.


o    £16,000 would create a spend-down fund for a named graduate scholarship (£8,000 per year for a minimum of 2 years)

o    £3,750 would create a spend-down named undergraduate bursary (£1,250 per year for a minimum of 3 years).

Funding to support a tour – named for the donor – by the St Hilda’s College choir 和 orchestra.

When circumstances permit, 学院音乐总监希望扩展澳门皇冠app官网学生的表演经验,并将他们的作品分享到牛津以外的地方. T在这里 are key constituencies of alumnae 和 friends in London, Edinburgh 和 New York whose support may also contribute to a successful tour.

Seed funding from £15,000 would support a College choir 和 orchestra tour.

Choral scholarships – in 2021 our choral scholarship programme will be available for naming.

o £2,000 per year would create 8 named choral scholarships.


Over the last 25 years, 杰奎琳·杜·Pré音乐大楼(JdP)已成为全国最好的室内乐场馆之一, 和 as a hub of creativity contributing to the cultural life of both the University 和 Oxfordshire. 澳门皇冠app官网邀请那些关心音乐和音乐教育的人捐款,与澳门皇冠app官网一起为未来的音乐家和表演者造福.

You can show your support to the JdP by 制作一件礼物 or joining the regular JdP音乐圈, which also entitles you to complimentary or discounted concert tickets 和 the Annual Livestream Pass.